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Ep19-Top10-Hockey-Players-of-All-Time 0

Ep19 – Top 10 Hockey Players of All Time

NHL star Aaron Voros is back in the studio to talk the best NHL players of all time. Voros tells some inside hockey stories and the guys also discuss the good and the bad...

Ep16-Top-10-Guido-Expressions 0

Ep16 – Top 10 Guido Expressions

My Cuz and friend of the show Luca Palanca calls in, and discusses the TOP 10 Guido expressions with me and Pete. If you’re Italian (or at least half,) you’ll probably find this funnier...

The Bret Ernst Show

Ep80-Top10-Colognes 0

Ep80 – Top 10 Colognes of All Time

Bret and Pete reminisce about their Middle School days, Pete tells us about ANOTHER race car experience, and then they list their Top 10 Colognes of All Time.

Ep79-Top10-Gay-Icons-All-Time 0

Ep79 – Top 10 Gay Icons of All Time

In honor of Bret’s brother and all our Gay Brothers and Sisters standing up for their rights, the guys decide to list the top 10 Gay Icons of All Time. Let Them Eat Cake!

Ep77-Top10-Things-The-Irish-Gave-Us 0

Ep77 – Top10 Things The Irish Gave Us

In this special “St. Patricks Day” edition, the guys discuss Bret’s trip to Alabama, the Irish’s trip to the U.S.A, and the best stuff they brought with them.

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Ep59-Top10-Bigs 0

Ep59 – Top 10 “BIG’s”

In this episode, Bret and Pete discuss the death of BIG BANK HANK, Pete’s brother running for office, and list the TOP 10 “BIGS” of all time!

Ep20-Richard-Sherman-Rant 0

Ep20 – Richard Sherman Rant

Bret Ernst and Pete Giovine discuss a variety of different topics, from Richard Sherman’s rant after the Seattle Seahawks win over the Forty Niners in last weeks Playoffs to dating. It’s that all over...

Ep75-Top10-NASCAR-Drivers 0

Ep75 – Top 10 NASCAR Drivers of All Time

Sports blogger, Tracy Sandler, comes into the studio to discuss Pete’s weekend at the DAYTONA 500, and helps with their list. Bret also asks the question, WHO IS GORDON SCHUMWAY?! Website: www.trialsandtribulationsblog.com Twitter: @trialstribblog

Ep37-America-Dream-Team 0

Ep37 – Top 10 Think Tank Dream Team Members

Bret and Pete discuss the shooting in Santa Barbara and they create a think tank to get America back on its feet. Be sure to rate and comment in iTunes. You can also find...