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Ep47-Top10-Robin-Williams-Movies 0

Ep47 – Top 10 Robin Williams Movies

In this episode, we discuss the impact of Robin’s suicide, and depression. It’s a real uplifting episode. Pete’s at a hair and teeth convention in New Jersey, so It’s just Bret and RenaMarie. They...

Ep44-Top10-Obscure-80s-Movies 0

Ep44 – Top 10 Obscure 80s Movies

Manny joins us back in studio to discuss obscure 80s movies… this one is a lot of fun! Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Also, you can find the show on Stitcher.

Ep43-Top10-Freestyle-Artists 0

Ep43 – Top 10 Freestyle Artists

Comedian and expert in Freestyle music, Manny Maldonado joins Pete and I in studio! We discuss the World Cup, sensitive douchebags, and Freestyle music! Don’t be a Nick and listen (It’ll make sense after...

Ep42-Snacks-With-Milk 0

Ep42 – Top 10 Snacks with Milk

Bret and Pete talk about Pete being born teeth first, his upcoming birthday, and Bret’s broad definition of the honor system. The boys then discuss the top 10 snacks with milk. Spoiler alert: most...

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Ep34-Top-10-Breakfast-Cereals 0

Ep34 – Top 10 Breakfast Cereals

Bret finds out where the hell Pete has been and discusses the NBA Clippers, Don Sterling, and then list the Top 10 Breakfast cereals of all time. Be sure to rate and comment in...

Ep15-Miley Twerking 0

Ep15 – Miley Twerking

In this episode, Brett and Pete talk about a variety of different things, from Pete’s hair to Miley twerking. Pete talks about quitting weed and smoking a gold blunt with Miley. Be sure to...

Ep2- Pete-Giovine 0

Ep2 – Pete Giovine

In this episode, Bret Ernst is back and in full effect. He’s with a new Podcast network, “The Network Studios,” as well as a new show format. This week, Bret has good friend and...