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Ep53-Top10-Wrestlers 0

Ep53 – Top 10 Pro Wrestlers

Bret’s little buddy and amazing comedian Steve Simeone comes into studio to promote his podcast “GOOD TIMES” and discuss their passions for professional wrestling. Geoff Keith comes in again to push his Jewish agenda.

Ep52-Top10-Sports-Scandals 0

Ep52 – Top 10 Sports Scandals

Hilarious comedian Geoff Keith comes into the studio to promote his book and discuss the Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice scandals.

Ep51-Top10-Worst-Songs 0

Ep51 – Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time

In this episode, Bret teaches us how to steal fried chicken and beer from the supermarket while inquiring about jobs for your friends and family. Then the guys take on the worst songs of...

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Ep10-obamacare-logo_full 0

Ep10 – I got Obamacare

In this episode, Bret and Pete talk about Pete’s recent freestyle rap battle win at the Improv in Hollywood as well as a recap of the NFL concussion episode regarding some of the responses...

Ep15-Miley Twerking 0

Ep15 – Miley Twerking

In this episode, Brett and Pete talk about a variety of different things, from Pete’s hair to Miley twerking. Pete talks about quitting weed and smoking a gold blunt with Miley. Be sure to...

Ep39-Top10-Sneakers 0

Ep39 – Top 10 Sneakers

Pete comes into the studio a little melancholy (like a bitch) and Bret talks to him about compartmentalizing. The guys also discuss their favorite sneakers with this weeks Top 10 list. Be sure to...