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Ep59-Top10-Bigs 0

Ep59 – Top 10 “BIG’s”

In this episode, Bret and Pete discuss the death of BIG BANK HANK, Pete’s brother running for office, and list the TOP 10 “BIGS” of all time!

Ep58-Top10-Baseball-Movies 0

Ep58 – Top 10 Baseball Movies

This week, Bret sits down with comedians, Jason Lawhead and Melanie Baldanado to discuss a variety of topics, which leads to this week’s Top 10 list. The Top 10 Baseball movies.

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Lillian Dean Dance Studio 0

Ep16 – Lillian Dean Dance Studio

In this episode, Brett and Pete talk about a variety of different things from Bret getting gray hairs in his beard to Pete accidentally trying to go thru the TSA with a replica gun...

ep18-new-years-recap 0

Ep18 – New Years Recap

The guys are back from the holidays. Bret and Pete recap their New Years Eve parties and Bret reads some hate mail. It’s a good time. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes.

Ep39-Top10-Sneakers 0

Ep39 – Top 10 Sneakers

Pete comes into the studio a little melancholy (like a bitch) and Bret talks to him about compartmentalizing. The guys also discuss their favorite sneakers with this weeks Top 10 list. Be sure to...