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Ep14-Top-10-Character-Actors-of-All-Time 0

Ep14 – Top 10 Character Actors of All Time

Bret and Pete welcome comedian/writer Matt Ralston in the studio to discuss the top character actors in Hollywood. The guys talk about Matt’s taste for controversy on his blog and name some of the...

Ep13-Top-10-Summer-Memories 0

Ep13 – Top 10 Summer Memories

Bret and Pete crack open the windows, grab some lemonade and enjoy the summer wind as they talk about great summer memories. *Most of Bret’s involve stealing something.

Ep12-Top-10-Music-Artists-from-New-Jersey 0

Ep12 – Top 10 Music Artists from New Jersey

If you’re from the Garden State, you’re going to want to listen to this one! Bret and Pete discuss the best artists to come out of Jersey! We apologize in advance for any one...

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Ep80-Top10-Colognes 0

Ep80 – Top 10 Colognes of All Time

Bret and Pete reminisce about their Middle School days, Pete tells us about ANOTHER race car experience, and then they list their Top 10 Colognes of All Time.

Ep79-Top10-Gay-Icons-All-Time 0

Ep79 – Top 10 Gay Icons of All Time

In honor of Bret’s brother and all our Gay Brothers and Sisters standing up for their rights, the guys decide to list the top 10 Gay Icons of All Time. Let Them Eat Cake!

Ep77-Top10-Things-The-Irish-Gave-Us 0

Ep77 – Top10 Things The Irish Gave Us

In this special “St. Patricks Day” edition, the guys discuss Bret’s trip to Alabama, the Irish’s trip to the U.S.A, and the best stuff they brought with them.

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Ep53-Top10-Wrestlers 1

Ep53 – Top 10 Pro Wrestlers

Bret’s little buddy and amazing comedian Steve Simeone comes into studio to promote his podcast “GOOD TIMES” and discuss their passions for professional wrestling. Geoff Keith comes in again to push his Jewish agenda.

Ep15-Miley Twerking 0

Ep15 – Miley Twerking

In this episode, Brett and Pete talk about a variety of different things, from Pete’s hair to Miley twerking. Pete talks about quitting weed and smoking a gold blunt with Miley. Be sure to...

Ep34-Top-10-Breakfast-Cereals 0

Ep34 – Top 10 Breakfast Cereals

Bret finds out where the hell Pete has been and discusses the NBA Clippers, Don Sterling, and then list the Top 10 Breakfast cereals of all time. Be sure to rate and comment in...

Ep11-new-jersey 0

Ep11 – Growing Up In Jersey

In this episode, Bret and Pete talk about growing up in Jersey stealing whatever they could as well as recaping this Halloween’s weekend of events. Also, Bret’s friend Correy calls in. Be sure to...