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Ep10-Pianists-of-All-Time 0

Ep10 – Top 10 Pianists of All Time

Owen Benjamin comes in and we discuss the top 10 Pianists of all time, while Bret’s being a dick trying to get Rena riled up, and she bites! Guest Links Website: http://owenbenjamin.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/owenbenjamin...

Ep9-Top-10-Worst-Types-of-Audience-Members 0

Ep9 – Top 10 Worst Types of Audience Members

Bret and Pete discuss the types of annoying people that interrupt comedy shows, who are also probably responsible for traffic, wars, disease, and everything else that sucks in the world.

Ep8-Top10-Worst-Fashion-Trends-Ever 0

Ep8 – Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends Ever

We went live on Periscope in this episode, and all the “listers” chimed in as we discussed the worst fashion trends of all time. From Hipster wear to Cavaricci’s, all the shitty trends are...

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Ep80-Top10-Colognes 0

Ep80 – Top 10 Colognes of All Time

Bret and Pete reminisce about their Middle School days, Pete tells us about ANOTHER race car experience, and then they list their Top 10 Colognes of All Time.

Ep79-Top10-Gay-Icons-All-Time 0

Ep79 – Top 10 Gay Icons of All Time

In honor of Bret’s brother and all our Gay Brothers and Sisters standing up for their rights, the guys decide to list the top 10 Gay Icons of All Time. Let Them Eat Cake!

Ep77-Top10-Things-The-Irish-Gave-Us 0

Ep77 – Top10 Things The Irish Gave Us

In this special “St. Patricks Day” edition, the guys discuss Bret’s trip to Alabama, the Irish’s trip to the U.S.A, and the best stuff they brought with them.

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Ep76-Top10-Biggest-Dicks-in-Movies 0

Ep76 – Top 10 Biggest “Dicks” in Movies

Bret, Pete and Mike Casentini discuss Penis size, micro dicks, and Pete gets a half ass Biology lesson from Bret. We also learn about the movie TITANIC and list the Top 10 Movie Dicks...

Ep52-Top10-Sports-Scandals 0

Ep52 – Top 10 Sports Scandals

Hilarious comedian Geoff Keith comes into the studio to promote his book and discuss the Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice scandals.

Ep61-Top10-Hip-Hop-Songs-Pt2 0

Ep61 – Top 10 Hip Hop Songs Pt. 2

Bret and Pete try and finish the list from last week (which is impossible) and Morgan Freeman drops in! Bret also gives us insight into another genre of music he’s into, and makes it...

Ep67-Top10-Sportscasters 0

Ep67 – Top 10 Sportscasters

Bret and Pete recap The Dallas Cowboys victory over Detroit, and then honor Stuart Scott by listing the top 10 Sportscasters of all time!