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Ep53-Top10-Wrestlers 0

Ep53 – Top 10 Pro Wrestlers

Bret’s little buddy and amazing comedian Steve Simeone comes into studio to promote his podcast “GOOD TIMES” and discuss their passions for professional wrestling. Geoff Keith comes in again to push his Jewish agenda.

Ep52-Top10-Sports-Scandals 0

Ep52 – Top 10 Sports Scandals

Hilarious comedian Geoff Keith comes into the studio to promote his book and discuss the Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice scandals.

Ep51-Top10-Worst-Songs 0

Ep51 – Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time

In this episode, Bret teaches us how to steal fried chicken and beer from the supermarket while inquiring about jobs for your friends and family. Then the guys take on the worst songs of...

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Ep40-Top-10-Cartoons 0

Ep40 – Top 10 Best Cartoons

This week, Bret and Pete discuss the backlash from episode #37 (Dream Team Think Tank) and then they discuss their Top 10 favorite cartoons they remember as kids. Be sure to rate and comment...

NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks 0

Ep22 – Sorry For The Break

Bret Ernst and Pete Giovine talk about the Super Bowl as well as talking about people you don’t know. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes.

Ep14-Blockbuster closed 0

Ep14 – Bye-bye Video Stores

In this episode, Brett and Pete talk about the movies and remembering the good old fashion video store. Bye-bye Blockbuster. Then the conversation moves to discussing food choices and how our food is grow...

Ep47-Top10-Robin-Williams-Movies 0

Ep47 – Top 10 Robin Williams Movies

In this episode, we discuss the impact of Robin’s suicide, and depression. It’s a real uplifting episode. Pete’s at a hair and teeth convention in New Jersey, so It’s just Bret and RenaMarie. They...