Ep1 – Bret is back!


In this episode, Bret Ernst is back and in full effect. He’s with a new Podcast network, “The Network Studios,” as well as a new show format. The show is just 30 minutes. Bret talks about everything from his excitement for the beginning of the football season, starting things off with a bit of controversy as it pertains to Riley Cooper dropping the “N” bomb and having to go to counseling for using racially motivated words. Bret also introduces a segment called, “Who Gives A Fuck?,” focusing on the Drew Brees Bad Tip story, which moves into Bret time as a server and his personal experiences. He gives a great story about NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal. And, Bret caps off the show, with an insightful story about how he became a Dallas Cowboy Fan. Remember to rate and comment on iTunes.