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Ep10 – Top 10 Pianists of All Time

Owen Benjamin comes in and we discuss the top 10 Pianists of all time, while Bret’s being a dick trying to get Rena riled up, and she bites! Guest Links Website: Twitter:

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Ep9 – Top 10 Worst Types of Audience Members

Bret and Pete discuss the types of annoying people that interrupt comedy shows, who are also probably responsible for traffic, wars, disease, and everything else that sucks in the world.

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Ep8 – Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends Ever

We went live on Periscope in this episode, and all the “listers” chimed in as we discussed the worst fashion trends of all time. From Hipster wear to Cavaricci’s, all the shitty trends are...

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Ep7 – Top 10 TV Theme Songs

The guys (with some STRONG suggestions from Rena) try and figure out the best television theme songs of all time.

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Ep1 – Top 10 Documentaries of All Time

This week, the guys discuss conspiracies, steroids, life choices, and their favorite documentaries of all time with comedian Feraz Ozel. Website: Twitter: