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Ep36 – Top 10 Useless Skills with Ron Babcock

This week, Bret is without his trusty co-host, Pete Giovine. Bret instead sits down with comedians and writer, Ron Babcock. This week’s topic is the Top 10 Useless Skills. Be sure to rate and...

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Ep35 – Top 10 Pop Culture Icons

Bret and Pete jump right into the Top 10 Pop Culture Icons and brush over how how awesome and influential the Three Stooges are. Be sure to rate and comment in iTunes. You can...

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Ep34 – Top 10 Breakfast Cereals

Bret finds out where the hell Pete has been and discusses the NBA Clippers, Don Sterling, and then list the Top 10 Breakfast cereals of all time. Be sure to rate and comment in...