Bret Ernst

Ep20-Top-10-Things-Moms-Say 0

Ep20 – Top 10 Things Moms Say

Moms invade the studio and have the boys on their best behavior as they tell stories about Bret’s arrests and Rena’s language awards. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes for VIP status.

Ep19-Top10-Hockey-Players-of-All-Time 0

Ep19 – Top 10 Hockey Players of All Time

NHL star Aaron Voros is back in the studio to talk the best NHL players of all time. Voros tells some inside hockey stories and the guys also discuss the good and the bad...

Ep16-Top-10-Guido-Expressions 0

Ep16 – Top 10 Guido Expressions

My Cuz and friend of the show Luca Palanca calls in, and discusses the TOP 10 Guido expressions with me and Pete. If you’re Italian (or at least half,) you’ll probably find this funnier...

Ep14-Top-10-Character-Actors-of-All-Time 0

Ep14 – Top 10 Character Actors of All Time

Bret and Pete welcome comedian/writer Matt Ralston in the studio to discuss the top character actors in Hollywood. The guys talk about Matt’s taste for controversy on his blog and name some of the...

Ep13-Top-10-Summer-Memories 0

Ep13 – Top 10 Summer Memories

Bret and Pete crack open the windows, grab some lemonade and enjoy the summer wind as they talk about great summer memories. *Most of Bret’s involve stealing something.

Ep12-Top-10-Music-Artists-from-New-Jersey 0

Ep12 – Top 10 Music Artists from New Jersey

If you’re from the Garden State, you’re going to want to listen to this one! Bret and Pete discuss the best artists to come out of Jersey! We apologize in advance for any one...