Bret Ernst

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Ep40 – Top 10 Things Outta Boston

Bret and Pete welcome Matty Fontana outta Boston to discuss auditioning with accents, Good Will Hunting, and the best things to come out of his hometown. For a wicked good time rate and comment...

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Ep39 – Top 10 Club Songs

Bret’s good friend and Pete’s former college buddy, Stevie G, comes in and discusses the top club songs of all time! We also learn all the things Bret invented.

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Ep38 – Top 10 70’s Artists

The Producer of THE GOD DAMN COMEDY JAM, Josh Adam Meyers comes in to honor David Bowie and discuss The Top 10 Artists of the 70’s. Guest Info Guest Name: Josh Adam Meyers Guest...

Ep37-Top-10-Lies-Your-Parents-Told-You 0

Ep37 – Top 10 Lies Your Parents Told You

Bret and Pete take a listeners list suggestion and uncover the lies parents tell to keep their kids in line. Bret drops some hip hop gems and Pete’s dog takes a shit in the...

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Ep36 – Top 10 New Years Resolutions

Happy new year friends! Bret and Pete take a look into the resolutions that will not be kept this year. The boys catch up and discuss the holidays. Be sure to rate and comment...

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Ep35 – Top 10 Christmas songs we hate

In honor of the Holiday spirit, Bret and Pete list their most hated Christmas songs. Bret also gives us a lesson in a forgotten figure in the story of Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Ep32 – Top 10 Christmas Specials

The boys get back from Thanksgiving and start to get ready for the Holiday season! Our boss Mike Casentini is in Studio, watching over us with his corporate eye…

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Ep31 – Top 10 Thanksgiving Memories

Bret and Pete chow down on some Tofurkey and gluten-free stuffing on this LA Thanksgiving! The boys talk turkey day memories and the fights that come with them. Be sure to rate and comment...