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Ep30-Top-10-Emcees 0

Ep30 – Top 10 Best MCs of All Time

In this episode, Bret and Pete run down their choices for the “Top 10″ Emcee’s of all time. Hear who they pick as well as reminisce with some music from the past and present....

Ep29-Dirty-South 0

Ep29 – Ode to The Dirty South

Bret and Pete do a shout-out to the rap music of The Dirty South, and Bret reminisces about his early days growing up in South Florida, playing football, and more. Be sure to rate...

Ep28-Chuck-Liddell 0

Ep28 – Pete’s Late

Bret and Pete sit down to do another episode and this time Bret bust Pete’s balls for being late. Pete discusses hanging with Chuck Lidell. They also talk about the missing plane and more....

Ep27-Butt-Doctors 0

Ep27 – Boxing, Butt Doctors & Gay Marriage

In a callback to last week’s episode about boxing, Bret talks about his former student turned pro-boxer, Brandon “The Cannon” Adams and his upcoming fight in April. Bret also talks about his upcoming visit...

Ep25-The-Russian-Invasion 0

Ep25 – The Russian Invasion

Bret and Pete discuss the most recent world news relating to the “Russian Invasion.” They describe how the invasion is like a WWF Battle Royal and nonpartisan politics and Rocky 7. Be sure to...

Ep24-Pete-Giovine 0

Ep24 – Pete the Ghost

Bret and Pete sit down for a second round with comedian, author and good friend, Justin Harrison. Pete talks about his upcoming role on Lifetime. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes.

Ep23-Justin-Harrison 0

Ep23 – Fat Player, Justin Harrison

Bret and Pete sit down with Comedian, Author and Bay Area native, Justin Harrison. They discuss a variety of different topics, including Justin’s new book, “Confessions of a Fat Player.” Be sure to rate...

NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks 0

Ep22 – Sorry For The Break

Bret Ernst and Pete Giovine talk about the Super Bowl as well as talking about people you don’t know. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes.

Ep21-Darrell-La-Montre 0

Ep21 – Darrell La Montre

Bret Ernst sits down with good friend, comedian and Podcaster, Darrell La Montre. They talk about their careers in standup comedy as well as boxing and more. Be sure to rate and comment on...